Koshiba Soap

 Q. What is Koshiba Soap good for?

A. Koshiba Soap ingredients help removing helps removing dirt and oil in skin pores.

Q.  Does it contain any artificial ingredients?

A. Our soap bars contain no stabilizer, antiseptics or synthetic fragrance and wash your skin tenderly. 

Q. Can I wash all over my body with this soap bar?

A. It’s great for your skin all over and for your hair too.

Q. Can a lady use "Brisk soap(OTOKOMAE soap)"?

A. It can be used of course.
It's recommended to a way with a lot of oil to the surface in particular.

Q.  I see my skin exfoliates after washing with this soap.  Is it alright?

A. It is assumed that old stratum corneum is removed from the skin.

Q. I found the the soap is discolored while using it.  Is it OK?

A. The soap contains no stabilizer, antiseptics or synthetic fragrances and manufactured by air-drying method so that the shape or the color of soap may change.  It has nothing to do with its quality. 

Q.Is there any expiration date for the soaps?

A. No, they do not have any expiration date.

Q. What is “squalane” contained in “moisturizing soap”?

A. Squalane is a part of natural moisture ingredients in our skin that is said to enhance moisturizing effect of the skin. 

 Q.  How were Koshiba Soaps developed? 

A. We found unique characters of Shiroyama clay that we excavated in our main business and thought it would be great if we could share the benefit with others.  Koshiba Soaps are made from clay mineral (containing silica) and mineral rich water that is used to refine Shiroyama clay.