For healthy transparent skin


Free from stabilizers, antiseptics, and synthetic fragrances


KOSHIBA soap is made of KOSHIBA clay, and is free from stabilizers, antiseptics, and synthetic fragrances. 

It consists of ultrafine particles refined in the process of breaking/refining rocks mined from our mountain.

"KOSHIBA clay" washes dirt from deep inside skin pores, while beauty ingredients in skin care products after face wash are delivered deep and wide into stratum corneum.

Lineup KOSHIBA Clay

Soap including "silicon" of a mineral ingredient

Clay baths are among the most efficient ways to detoxify the body

SHIROYAMA CLAY excavared in Yabu-shi is one of the rare prized clay layers generated by unique matching of mutiple environmental conditions that is found in a few places in Japan, the US and some other countries.

Set of "KOHIBA Soap".

You can also use it for presents.