What is KOSHIBA Soap ?

Soap including mineral


The spumescence gentle with the feel of a material of the skin is also small, and there is comfortableness which can be poured into water and hot water quickly.

It was added to the feel of a material of each person's skin, I make it easy to ease in the various states it's easy to live on which.

The soap to which you can say "It became beautiful."


A manufacturer was produced at the Marubishi soap main shop where I have a good record of performance in more than 60, and a quality stabilizer, a preservative and synthetic essence were aiming at soap gentle with additive-free skin.

Effect of refinement oil excellent in quality is also included, and I can deliver the pleasant pleasure which was mixed with the mineral water which filtered "KOSHIBA Clay".

What is "KOSHIBA Clay" ?

"KOSHIBA clay" is a geological material formed in the process of petrification


In the ancient times shes from volcano explosion piled at the bottom of lakes and oceans, were cured by the hot water there,heated by underground magma and others, and petrified.  

This sort of clay is found at several spots in Japan, the U.S., and some other places in the world.  

They are rare and precious spots where all those natural conditions were worked in harmony to create KOSHIBA clay.  

KOSHIBA clay is excavated in the mountains at the center of Japan Islands where many storks live in rich nature.

Natural Cosmetic Ingredient Certificate

How KOSHIBA Clay works

Dirt on skin bears positive ion while KOSHIBA clay bears while KOSHIBA clay bears negative ion.  

KOSHIBA clay blended in a soap bar thus works like a magnet and pulls out dirt bearing positive ion deep inside the skin pores to the surface.  

Additionally "KOSHIBA clay" contains rich mineral ingredients to realize washing with skin care.  

It keeps your skin moistened while washing it perfectly clean.

Products KOSHIBA Soap

Moisturizing Soap

Moisturizing soap for brightness and smoothness


Refreshing soap

Refreshing soap with mild moisturizing effect


Brisk soap

Refresh with mineral contained soap




SHIROYAMA CLAY excavared by Yabu-shi of north of Hyogo prefecture