Act on specified commercial transactions

Company Name NATURE& CLAY Co., Ltd
Representative Yasuhiro Koshiba
Address 1160-1, Junisho, Yabu-shi, HYOGO, 667-0102, JAPAN
Telephone +81(0)79-660-2007

WebSite URL
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Sales area Japan only
Payment method In mailing shipping charge from here once more after settlement completion, I'll inform you.
You'll choose and pay me one of transferring and collection on delivery.
Other necessary prices
・In case of transferring
Transfer fee
・In case of cash on delivery
extra charge for cash on delivery (tax not included)
Up to 10,000 yen :300 yen
Up to 30,000 yen :400 yen
Up to 100,000 yen:600 yen
Up to 300,000 yen:1,000yen

Postage:Separately, I'll contact you after order fixation.
Sales volume We accept an order with a minimum of 1 units.
Deadline for payment Within 7 days after purchase completion, please.
When there is no payment for 7 days, I'll make it cancellation.
Delivery time of goods
・In case of transferring
there are no appointed dates, I'll ship it off within 3 business days after payment confirmation.
・In case of cash on delivery
When there are no appointed dates, I'll ship it off within 3 business days after order confirmation.
Delivery method of goods Delivery by Sagawa courier or Yu-Pack。
About return and a defective product. We'll bear the defective product and in case of making a mistake of our goods. If there is an accident of the damage in the middle of delivering, please make a contact to us.
The shipping charge and the handling charge are our burden, and I'll remit you newness immediately.

・Return target
In case of making a mistake of a defective product or our goods
・Return time
When it was in touch within 7 days after purchase, it becomes possible to repay it
・Return method
In mailing it please request a repayment. I'll transfer the purchase price to the account of the designation within 7 days.
Expression and instructions about goods The expression and the reproducibility indicated by this goods were individually different, and the profit and the effect weren't always guaranteed.