Customer's voice

30’s   Female   Dry Skin


It was a nice surprise to find I didn’t feel my skin so tight without applying lotion after face wash, even in Winter.


A foaming net works great with this soap.

It’ll be great if you have a smaller handy size soap bar for trips.

40’s   Female    Sensitive Skin



I couldn’t believe it when I found my skin pores got smaller.  Even sebum on my nose wings were removed so easily it was impressive.  I was happy to learn that glossy skin is made from proper face wash.  Dyshidrotic eczema has made my hands and feet so rough but they turned smooth and I thought I was lucky to find this soap. 

50’s   Female    DrySkin

It lathers up easily and leaves no dryness on he skin. 

I don’t need to rush for moisturizing lotion after face wash anymore.  

I’ve been using face wash paste but I appreciate soap bars more now.

6-yr-old girl   Mixed Skin


Her skin is weak.  It seems it gets itchy every now and then she tends to scratch her skin unconsciously every day.  But after introducing this soap we are relieved so much as she stopped scratching.


50’s   Male   Normal Skin


Moist feeling.  I shampoo my hair with it.


50’s   Female   Normal Skin


I’m a nurse in a general hospital.  I have a problem with athlete’s foot.  But it seems this soap cleans my foot thoroughly that I’m not bothered by the symptom so much now.


30’s   Female   Sensitive Skin


I work as a hairstylist, so I use a lot of chemicals at work.  I always had trouble with my chapped hands.  After starting to use this soap I feel much better.  It seems that the soap cleans all chemicals away.


50’s   Female  Oily Skin


I like this comforting smell.  My makeup stays on well using this soap.


Friends also commend of the makeup that I know it really stays on very well.


My hair got thinner these days.  I use this soap bar as a shampoo.  It cleans up my hair very well.     I was surprised and felt so happy to find my hair voluminous in the next morning.  Hair feels a little squeaky after washing but it doesn’t after drying.




Since I started washing with this soap bar, flare-ups on pimples have been removed and my skin gets moist.


I really like the texture of my skin in the morning. 


I’ll continue using this soap.


50’s   Female


I wash my hair with this soap too.  I worried about fallen hair due to tiredness and stress, but I don’t find it anymore.


40’s   Female


I didn’t see any change at the beginning, however, while I continued to use this soap bar, I found my skin texture got finer than before.  I feel refreshed after washing AND I don’t feel my skin tight I.  It removed my stress perfectly.  I certainly continue using this soap.



50’s   Female

I had a trouble with pimples.  Pimples still broke out for a while when I started to use it daily, but I feel my skin gets moist and smooth now.  It may have meant all dirt inside the skin pores were exhausted.   My days changed for the better with this soap bar.

20’s   Female   Mixed Skin


I found my skin pores got smaller and the skin tone got brighter after using this soap for the first time.  I’d love to try this again!


30’s   Female   Mixed Skin


I have sensitive skin and got dishpan hands from doing the housework.  But using this soap daily, the condition got better, and I don’t worry about dishpan hands anymore.


50’s   Female   Mixed Skin


I like the creamy foam I get by lathering up this soap.  It leaves my skin moist.  It seems that the tone of my skin changed lighter and transparent.  I will certainly continue using this soap.