How to Clay?

As well as improving the detergency, minerals can also be absorbed.In addition, it can be expected to be effective such as whitening and acne relief, and sedation of inflammation.
"Koshiba Soap"

You can remove dirt from your skin and moisturize your skin and experience the feeling of peace and the effect of hot springs, such as entering a hot spring.
”Crystal Bomb”

Fragrance-free /Hioki/ Lavender & Orange

A lot of minerals that can be used in a variety of applications ”SHIROYAMA Clay


Clay can be used for a variety of purposes.

Please try a variety of reference to the following usage.


 Clay bath... just put a pinch of clay in the bath.  
     *Removes dirt, sterilizes it, and reduces body odor.

Clay Pack...Please apply it to the face etc. in the clay pack and the paste shape. Please do not rub and wash it off gently.
    * Improved acne, whitening, reducing inflammation and  moisturizing Just mix it with water.           

Clay Splay...Mix it water.Wipe your skin as a mist, spray it with dirt, and wipe it off as a cleaning.

 For Fertilizer...MIx it soil.
    *It grows up energetically with abundant minerals.

Wet cloth...Please wrap the clay made into a compress with gauze and apply it to the place of concern.

What  is  SHIROYAMA Clay?

 SHIROYAMA CLAY excavared in Yabu-shi is located at center of Tajima region in the north of Hyogo prefecture Where magnificent.


 SHIROYAMA CLAY was generated in the petrification process of volcanic ashes.In the ancient time s ashes from volcanic explotion piled in the bottom of lakes and oceans and cured by the hot water heated by underground magma. SHIROYAMA CLAY  is one of the rare prized clay layers generated by unique matching of mutiple environmental conditions that is found in a few places in Japan, the US and other countries.


 Product with SHIROYAMA Clay